Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rise Arlington Rise

Rise Arlington Rise

Take those old reigns
Fly those old colors
Take back your blood
And take back your pain
And take back your tears.

Rise Arlington Rise

Let the willows weep
again on these shores
Let the titans take on the oilers
The titans, here before time,
will most certainly rise to victory.

Rise Arlington Rise

Let Our Alamo be in Sand.
Let Our Televisions Die a Slow Death,
Like So Many of our weeping women and children,
And Armless Legless Sand Troopers.
Let their work not be for nothing.

Rise Arlington Rise

Bring to light your suppressed descendants voice
That it might rise to sing this song,
As the chronos spins,
That burning globe above us all,
I have seen the power coming in the clouds.

Rise Arlington Rise

The rain will come and wash away,
The hearts and souls of hundreds of thousands,
But in the end,
You will be vindicated,
For the colors,

For which you BLED into Soil.

Texas Evacuations as Ike nears.,0,2922756.story

The New York Sun Speaks Out

This seems credible. But then - it is an editorial. One wonders who is being defended by the police?

A Salute to our Troops

Not only have we got 2 million people displaced by Hurricanes. We have millions of troops displaced by war. Women are bringing up children singly in this environment where gas prices are over $3.50 a gallon and the profiteers are people that can afford Oil Stocks. Just check they make no bones about who they are. They think they are untouchables.

7 Years Later - Are We Forgetting?

Its gotten so that in 7 years, all I can remember is war and hurricanes. I don't care who caused it - The world trade centers fell, again, and again, and again, and spoiled our entire culture through media relay of the event over and over again.

I think its time the media got a dose of its own medicine.

Those of you that think we need you to affect change,
We don't. You've become irrelevant, except to a fraction of the majority.

Everyone is wired now, and our voice is going to count when the change comes in November. If not sooner. There are currently 2 million disenfranchised individuals or more due to the hurricanes. Don't they DESERVE a note before we wash them away with the rest of the newspaper clippings of days past?

Noise Control Media